Formula edition Gear set 1-6

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We are excited to announce a new version Linney GT-R gears

Following years of detailed design, analysis and testing we are excited to announce a completely
new generation of GT-R gear sets. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the range offers enhanced
ground tooth geometry delivering exceptional torque characteristics and a greatly enhanced duty
cycle. This has been achieved by bringing together the very best materials and treatments developed
over many years. heavy duty gears made from Aero/Mill spec material incorporating the latest tooth
profiles machined on state of the art CNC machinery, heat treated and Duplex shot penned for
maximum strength and reliability

• Designed, engineered & manufactured in England
• DIN 3 quality
• New 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th, 6th gear design to reinforce and hold more power, improved helical
angle for low noise operation
Revised & improved teeth spec – Wider Gears, Thicker teeth
• Motorsport grade Alloy aerospace steel (as used in F1, DTM, GT500) single melt case
hardened all gears 1-6 & cluster
• State of the art motorsport machining inc 6 axis gear grinder- kleinberg Holfer viper 500. A
Viper K 500 machine costs in excess of £500k one of only two machines in UK, very few
outside of Germany, these allow the highest level of gear grinding possible. Capable of
finishing gears to incredible accuracy, meeting even the extreme tolerances required for
high end motorsport. Most GT-R gears on the market suffer from poor quality grinding and
not to the tooth root where most cracks/breakages occur
• Heat Treatment
• Gears shot peened and ground for maximum strength
• Oerlikon DLC Coating available as option http://www.f1-

Program- dontyne tooth contact analysisCNC Gear Cut – Gleason P300 & P90
CNC Gear Grinding – KLINGENBERG Höfler Viper 500K Gear Grinding
Gear Measurement – Gleason 475GMS CNC
CNC Teeth milling – CNC MATSUURA VX‐1000, 5-Axis Mazak (i600)
Turning- 5-Axis Mazak (i600)
Super Finishing & Deburring
Heat Treatment- Ipsen Turbo 2 Vacuum furnace
Shot peen- 3-axis Vacublast
CAD design, Finite Element Analysis, gear simulation software
CAD models to simulate including efficiency analysis, product lifing, performance and deflections