Forged Heavy Duty Gear set 1-6 + Output shaft

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  • Precision forged GR6 gears 1-6
  • Cluster
  • Main input shaft
  • Output shaft


  • Stronger gears
  • Quiet operating
  • wide gears for strength and durability
  • spline assembled design
  • Reduced friction
  • advanced grinding & heat treatment process technology
  • Design: AutoCAD and SolidWorks software to design tooth profiles.
  • Motorsport grade steel
  • Accurate grade of gear: Gear grinding to reach JIS-B1702 1(JIS-B1702-02 N5)
  • Optional Oerlikon coating available for extra cost


  • Linney Heavy Duty transmission oil to be used with Linney Gears
  • Due to custom spec Gear profile a custom EcuTek TCM Flash is required (adjustment is not available on Cobb at time of writing). TQ on shifts must be set accurately
  • Gears are for Motorsport off road use only