Linney IHI 900whp

Price Not Announced



  • C.N.C. Machined Compressor Cover gas Flowed
  • Factory like fitment using all stock feed/water and oil lines
  • Larger Billet blade compressor. – lighter than original oem cast compressor.
  • Large Turbines similar to Nismo GT3 / Spec-V
  • Modified Housing
  • C.N.C. Machined Turbine Housing – Flowed
  • Machined Stainless Steel Turbine End Clamps
  • Stainless Steel Shouldered Bolts for Clamps
  • oem Actuators
  • Journal bearing
  • suitable for stock VR38 engine with tuning
  • oem core required 0r + core fee

The ultimate power upgrade for any GT-R, these brand new turbos feature fully dynamic precision  core assemblies to dramatically reduce spool-up time and give maximum airflow. The fully machined and flow ported turbine housing and manifold assembly reduces exhaust back pressure and maximise gas flow, whilst retaining the original mounting points making the turbo a direct swap for the standard unit. The modified compressor housing is mated with a larger, high-flow compressor wheel which is specifically developed to give maximum bhp and torque with minimum lag.



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