8-8 Plate clutch 1000hp / 800ft tq

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The latest Carbon friction paper is a complex carbon composite material which demonstrates a stable co-efficient of friction under high load conditions. It has been proven to work very successfully in race transmissions where high energy and temperature are the norm.. Excellent energy and NVH behavior/characteristics, heat dissipation and ability to work under high loads.

The Dynamic CoF for the material used on GT-R clutch is 0.13

  • Highly porous structure of carbon fibres and granulated particles that provides excellent heat resistance and superior heat dissipation
  • High energy capability
  • Close to 1:1 relationship between static to dynamic coefficient of friction giving smooth engagement & quiet operation
  • Stable coefficient of friction over speed and pressure
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Good oil compatibility
  • Frictions are full 100% carbon with steel core S45C
  • Steel plates are C67s high carbon steel. heat treated, surface ground flat tolerance 0.05mm


Same uk manufacturer/material as used by ZF, Xtrac (WRC teams), AP Racing, Audi motorsport and more


Groove Pattern:

Waffle groove pattern which is machined to a consistent width and depth for optimum oil flow



The disc is required to soak in the transmission oil prior to fitment.


Our 16 plate clutch has proven to hold 1300hp / 1000ft tq… 8.3@170mph in 1/4 mile

Kit includes-

16 frictions (8 frictions each basket)

14 heat treated steels 1.2mm steels

*power rating can vary and must use our TCM Calibration